Dear Friends & Neighbors,

It’s always a fine time to give thanks and remind everyone of the good in the world. Since 2002 the Community of Windham Foundation (COWF) has identified projects and looked for ways to improve the quality of life within our community. We are an all-volunteer Board of Directors dedicated to preserving and using the Foundation’s charitable assets in a manner that benefits the entire community. Like you, we feel that the establishment of a strong “sense of community” remains extremely important. COWF is a 501(c) 3 organization. Your generosity is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Since our previous appeal in 2016 we have implemented the following projects and activities

• $4000 in educational scholarships were awarded to Dante Savasta, Kristopher Gonzalez, Majd Ismail and Kevin

Mattice. These scholarship awards in the arts, environmental sciences and educational leadership honor the memory of Michael & Jane Avella and T. Patrick Meehan, our former Town Supervisor. We will always remembertheir many contributions to the town’s quality of life.

• We continue to support the annual Civil War Music Heritage Gathering & Encampment weekend. The Foundation’ssupport includes the sponsorship of the ice cream social in partnership with Stewart’s Ice Cream Shop and the reenactors BBQ in cooperation with VFW Post #1545 and Hensonville Fire Department. A Ladies Tea sponsored by COWF and the Civil War Heritage Foundation was held at the United Methodist Church. This activity has raised funds to support UMC’s program efforts. This project reaches out to the youth of our community with activities that actively involves young people in our town’s American heritage through living history.

• COWF funded the WRIP remote broadcast of the 2017 and 2018 Windham Autumn Affair. In 2018 the foundation supported the purchase of a much needed wireless microphone and headset allowing the radio station to expand services throughout the mountaintop community.

• Under the leadership of board members Denise Meehan and Jeri Miltenberger we initiated a “Shelter Project” with the support of the Town of Windham. Project activities included the sponsorship of a Red Cross Shelter Training Class and designating three “Shelters” supplied with items for use during a time of emergency. Several

Preparedness Classes by the National Guard have been held. Our goal of holding CPR/AED Training Classes is ongoing. The Community of Windham Foundation has offered CPR/AED Training Classes and is pleased to share that forty nine participants are now certified in CPR and the use of an AED. Participants from 15 years and older have taken this training to “Save A Life”. We hope to continue to offer three classes a year with fifteen participants in each class. We continue conducting a recruitment campaign to staff shelters in an emergency and carrying out a community awareness emergency program. In moving forward we also hope to work with students and families to be prepared for any emergency having a “To Go Bag” ready in our homes. We will continue our efforts with the “Shelter Project” to be prepared for any emergency.

• The Foundation was a proud sponsor and co-organizer of the RAISE-THE-ROOF COMMUNITY CONCERT and “Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier 1776-1976”, a music/film tribute to our Nation’s veterans. RAISE-THE-ROOF was held at the Windham Civic Centre concert hall on May 5, 2017 with all proceeds supporting a new roof and steeple on the Windham-Hensonville United Methodist Church that was built in 1844. “Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier 1776-1976” celebrated Flag Day on June 16, 2018 at VFW Post #1545 to help raise funds to support the post’s kitchen renovation. The program included a special tribute to Sgt. James F. Carty D.S.C. on the occasion of the WWI Centennial Observance.

• COWF volunteered its support for the Blackdome Music Festival in 2017 and 2018. In 2018 we served as the grant administrator for this project. The festival presents talented emerging artists including musicians from within or nearby Windham.

• In our ongoing partnership with VFW Post #1545, we supported the book presentation by L. Todd Wood nationally known novelist, air force pilot and Washington Post columnist. The book “Lost Bastards”, a story of honor, courage and redemption paid tribute to local Korean War Veterans. The theme of the book was the story of a secret mission to test “battlefield radar” on the Korean Peninsula.

• COWF contributed to the Warriors in Motion Welcoming Package. Former board member Francis X. Driscoll provided a beautiful matted photo print of Windham Mountain with “Old Glory” proudly waving in the foreground. Warriors in Motion provides wounded warriors with a basic knowledge of wellness and the importance of practicing lifelong healthful living. Warriors engage in sports, outdoor activity and recreation.

• Working in collaboration with the Windham Rotary and the Rotary Youth Leadership Conference (RYLA) COWF sponsored WAJ student, Olivia Pedrick to attend this highly acclaimed conference. This event is held annually at Mount St. Mary College in Newburg. This youth centered program provides attendees with the opportunity to expand and learn leadership and team building skills through art, music and drama.

• COWF purchased a plaque commemorating the “Fat Albert” Blue Spruce tree planted on the Village Green in Hensonville in honor of John and Ella Martin for the beautification of the hamlet of Hensonville.

We hope that you will answer our call to action once again with your generosity.

Finally, we’d appreciate hearing from you about projects you’d like us to undertake on your behalf. Please email us at and let us know your suggestions for new projects. We appreciate hearing from you.

Again, thank you so much for your consideration and support of our 2019 fund raising efforts.

Very truly yours,

John C. Quinn, Chairman