A Message for the New Year

Tennyson once wrote:

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering it will be happier.”

On behalf of the Community of Windham Foundation (COWF) board, we wish all of our friends, neighbors and long-standing partners within the not-for-profit community, a New Year filled with hope and compassion underpinned by an unbridled “neighbor helping neighbor” human spirit.

Simply stated, the still active COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause unimagined pain, suffering and loss, as well as the standstill of in-person congregate events and a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable within our community.

In March, the Foundation issued a call to action encouraging support of our local eateries, groceries and small businesses whenever possible. Other immediate COWF responses included donations to the Mountain Top Cares Coalition to support mental health services for individuals and families affected by the pandemic and to WRIP to help support the station’s technical service costs.

WAJ Seniors Paris Interdonato-Carreras, Monica Xin Meng Glennon and Joseph Alfred Lane were recognized for their excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with our annual Mike and Jane Avella, T. Patrick Meehan and Stanley Christman STEM scholarship awards

In 2021, we will continue to stand in solidarity with all of our neighbors and remain committed to using our resources and voice to advocate for projects and collaborative efforts that contribute to Windham’s unparalleled quality of life.

With several pending FDA approved Coronavirus vaccines on the horizon, we look forward to the shedding of virtual COVID-19 related social-media activities and full resumption of community wide cultural events and happenings that commemorate our shared local history, and meet the health, safety and social needs of our residents and renew our sense of place.

As we enter our 18th year, the Community of Windham Foundation will continue to focus on the emerging and ever-changing needs of our community.

– The Community of Windham Board of Directors, December 11, 2020

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The Community of Windham Foundation is dedicated to meeting the unmet and unfulfilled needs of the citizens of Windham, NY