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Supporting Local Restaurants and Businesses A response to the Covid-19 Outbreak

In response to the COVID-19 threat, our neighbors are experiencing significant life changes including self-quarantining, school closings, working from home and social distancing.

Small businesses within our community may realize wage cuts and staff reduction during the Coronavirus pandemic

It’s essential that each of us within the community does what we can to keep our restaurants and small businesses afloat during this challenging time.

Local restaurants have established delivery and take-out platforms.

On behalf of the Community of Windham Foundation and our partners within the not-for-profit community, we encourage our friends and neighbors to support our local eateries, groceries and other small businesses however possible.

Our neighbors, family members and friends who work within these places – or plan to return to work within these places of business that meet our needs, feed us and provide our ‘other place’ after home, work or school, are the heart of our community.       

~ The Community of Windham Foundation, March 23, 2020

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The Community of Windham Foundation is dedicated to meeting the unmet and unfulfilled needs of the citizens of Windham, NY